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Friend of the Pelicans - July 24, 2022

9 pelicans rescued today!

Five were rescued at the Fort DeSoto Gulf Fishing Pier and four at the Skyway.

The first of those five was rescued with the help of our boat crew who went out in the boat today to check the waters by the Skyway. They first went to Fort DeSoto to look for five pelicans flying with line (one over 200 feet) that Khan had seen at Fort DeSoto the day before and ended up helping him before going on to the Skyway. Pedro, Jessica and Paul then went to the Skyway where they rescued 4 more pelicans from the water, while Khan and our volunteer Lori stayed at Fort DeSoto and rescued four more!

So, it was a great day of rescuing. Our boat crew also checked a rookery near Fort DeSoto for the pelican with 200 yards of line that Khan had seen the day before but unfortunately, they did not find him. Of the five Khan saw flying with line yesterday at Fort DeSoto he feels certain he got three of them today so we are hopeful that someone else will see and help the other two.

We also want to thank Seaside Seabird Sanctuary for taking three of the pelicans. It takes a village – or maybe we should say lots of eyes of the water! So many people are aware of this problem now and keeping their eyes peeled for any birds in trouble and it’s making a difference. Every bird life saved is important.

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