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About Us


To protect the right of all birds, and pelicans in particular, to live out their lives free from harm due to human interference, specifically fishing line entanglement, through specific programs aimed at Preventing fishing line entanglement, Educating the public about fishing line entanglement and Rescuing entangled birds. In short to be a Friend.

Goals of the Organization

  • PREVENTION of fishing line entanglement at state, local and private fishing piers.

  • INTERVENTION when birds get hooked on piers.

  • EDUCATION to the public and anglers on how to prevent fishing line entanglement and what to do if a bird is accidentally hooked.

  • RESCUE entangled birds at fishing piers, roosts and rookeries.

Fishing line entanglement is the number one cause of death for brown pelicans.

Founders Story

In 2014, Jeanette Edwards, an avid fisherwoman, came upon two dead pelicans tangled in fishing line at a mangrove island near her home.


The sight of these pelicans and seeing how they had each suffered such a horrible death prompted Jeanette to begin patrolling the island for birds needing rescue from fishing line entanglement.  She did this for for the next 4 years.


On a trip to the Miguel Rookery in 2018, during breeding season, she witnessed dozens of adult egret and cormorants hanging dead near their nests. Some with their young waiting to be fed. She and some others were able to free one great egret who was hanging next to a nest with two young chicks inside.

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It was this particular incident that sparked Jeanette to take a more aggressive approach in her efforts to rescue entangled birds.  She enlisted the help of a couple who live on Miguel Bay and in just the first 6 months of 2018 they witnessed 12 entangled pelicans. During that time, 8 birds were rescued and 4 had sadly succumbed to their injuries. During these rescue outings, she began habitually collecting used fishing line that had not been discarded properly, thereby preventing further bird injury.


Knowing what an impact she could make to rescue pelicans, educate the public and prevent further injury, Jeanette opened the doors to her non-profit in 2018.

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Brown Pelicans have a lifespan of up to 40 years in the wild.

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However, studies show only 30% of all pelicans will survive their first year


Sadly, only 2% of Pelicans will live to reach the age of ten years


 Fishing line entanglement also kills Herons, Egrets, Ibises, Cormorants and other seabirds.

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