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The Art of Giving - Collaborating for a Cause

In the world of nonprofit organizations, collaboration and creativity often go hand in hand.

We know the value artists bring to our community and the positive impact their artwork has on others. We would love to showcase that talent, while raising funds for Friends of the Pelicans.

Our organization relies on the generous donations of community members in order to continue our work in prevention, intervention, education and rescue of pelicans and our Florida seabirds.

Artwork and photographs of our beautiful seabirds depict these beautiful birds in their natural healthy habitat, living their best life, which truly aligns with our goals, which it to ensure they all have a chance at exactly that.

We are seeking artists or individuals who are willing to donate a photograph or artwork of a pelican or seabird that we may sell as a digital download in order to raise funds for our 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We recognize and respect the value of an artist or photographer's work and are happy to feature the artist in a blog post and on the product page so viewers have the opportunity to click to the artist website. We are interested in fostering a partnership that values the artist, gives credit to the artist, supports the artist by linking to their website, all while raising funds for Friends of the Pelicans.

Collaboration between nonprofits and artists can generate powerful results. When artists and photographers share their work to support charitable causes, it can raise awareness, engage audiences, and generate essential funds.

Let's work together to create a better world through the power of art and philanthropy.

CLICK HERE to get in touch if you would like to donate your artwork or photograph.

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